ICAI International Research Awards , 2022


Being a knowledge driven profession, Research is the lifeline for our Accounting Profession, as it enables us to identify the challenges confronting the global economy where Accounting Profession can play its due role in augmenting public interest by way of research and contributions which could pave path for innovative practices in mitigating the various emerging financial and non-financial risks and alternatively propagate good practices for promoting public interest.


At ICAI, it is firmly believed that Research is the key to innovation and growth in the emerging economic environment. The ICAI envisions to support research to make a positive and tangible impact in standards setting, new reporting practices frameworks, policy making etc. While thinking further about initiative to promote research, it was envisioned to make it global with the support of global forums, PAOs and institutions, as idea was to build a global collaborative research capacity on all accounting related issues to develop global legacy for the profession. The Awards could be considered to be 'The World’s Largest Cross Border Competition'.


The International Research Awards aims to recognizes the research community across the globe and their contribution in fostering innovation and value creation. The awards further aspire for developing a research oriented ecosystem promoting trade and investment, augmenting public interest in the globalized financial markets. The inspiration to take awards global was to encourage researchers to work across the industry and borders to develop global standards and policy inputs imbibing elements of trust and excellence in reporting and governance in the emerging tech-enabled global world.


The awards aim is to raise the profile of individuals, teams and institutions undertaking research, recognise innovative approaches to research, encourage multi-disciplinary research, bridge the gap between research and practice and recognize success stories of researchers in the area of Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Economics and Taxation with an objective to enhance the research activities in Accounting, Finance and Taxation and allied areas, to name a few.


The International Research Awards aspires to build global research community:

  • Promoting Research Based Ecosystem To bring together various stakeholders like researchers, institutions, industry to advance research and innovation in various areas.
  • Sharing Learning And Solving Problems Working on problems being faced by global economy to augment trust, public interest, governance and economic growth.
  • Stimulating Debates And Dialogues Identifying emerging challenges, driving forces and way forward to resolve the same.

Eligibility Criteria of the Awards:

  • An Individual who has undertaken research in the mentioned coverage areas
  • Participant could be from any country as jurisdiction is international.
  • The research work should be published. 

Category of the Awards:

  • One GOLD Shield in each category for the Best Research Paper.
  • One SILVER Shield in each category for the Second Best Research Paper.
  • One BRONZE Shield in each category for Commendable Research Paper.

Review Process:

  • Whole process will be online without any human intervention (without the need of physical presence at any stage).
  • There will be five panels of technical reviewers (one panel for each broad category) to assist Jury Panel in initial scoring/screening of the nomination received.
  • Each nomination shall be sent to the technical reviewer (TR) of respective category TR panel, each technical reviewer shall award score on a uniform score sheet. The weighted score derived from the score of all technical reviewers shall be sent to dashboard of each Jury member.
  • Jury panel may decide to review all nominations, or they may select to review top scored few nominations based on weighted score given by technical review panel. The award shall be given based on weighted score given by jury panel.  


  • Only online nomination is allowed.
  • Only individuals can submit the Research papers
  • Research Papers should be in the form of published research work
  • Researcher paper should not be self-nominated i.e. the same should be nominated by Nominating Agency.
  • Nominating agency can be in the form of Research Institution/Agency, Educational Institutions, Corporates, Individual.
  • Nomination will be accepted only between invite open date to close date.
  • To nominate the research paper for Award, the Nominating agency is required to submit a nomination letter for each nomination i.e. if nominating     agency nominates more than one research paper, then for each paper, a separate nomination letter is required.
  • One Research Paper is to be nominated in one category only.
  • Nomination must contain consent of Author and contact details of Author and Nominating Entity.
  • The awardee may be asked to present their Research Paper for the benefit of larger audience.
  • Decisions of the Panel of Judges (Jury) in all the matters relating to the Competition will be final.
  • Selection of awardees in specified categories are made through software, review by subject matter experts and then by eminent Jury.
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